Awards Evening

The annual awards evening held on Thursday 31st January aimed to celebrate the achievements of learners in academics and sport during 2018. This event is a highlight and is meant to encourage greater effort from more of our learners. Learners were elated at receiving the awards and this could clearly be seen in their reactions when receiving their certificates and trophies. We also invited our top Grade 12 performers from 2018 to add motivation to our current stars. One of the top awards announced was to Aluve Vuntu who achieved top position for Fitting & Machining; 1st at Oude Molen and 1st in Western Cape during 2018 NSC examination.

The keynote message was that the Ambitious FUTURE YOU sits in judgement of the Current You. If you wish to be the Ambitious FUTURE YOU, the decisions to act ambitiously is obvious.

The RCL, their leadership, and the Prefects for 2019 were introduced and they all recited their oath of office to the crowd. Tylor Lang was chosen as the Head Girl for 2019.