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2nd Prize for Aircraft Maintenance

Sinayo Yaze won 2nd prize at the BRICS future skills challenge 2023. Sinayo, an ex-Oude Molen learner, entered the BRICS future skills challenge in the aircraft maintenance division. From the 12th to the 15th of September 2023, South Africa hosted 100’s of young people from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa who competed to show off their solutions. Competitors pitched their solutions in a “Lions Den” to the expert judges to the most pressing […]

Afrikaans WOW High School Competition

What a good way to end this week off. A few of our Gr8 and Gr 9 learners participated in the Afrikaans WOW High School Competition and unfortunately didn’t make it to the top 4 but definitely enjoyed the competition. Our learners often got confused with the Afrikaans and English spelling. Thank you, Ms. Jordaan and Ms. Swart, for giving our learners this opportunity. We are ready for next year.🥳🔥👏

Oude Molen named WCED school of choice

On Tuesday, 25th July 2023, Western Cape Education Department launched a new project called #Schoolof Choice. Oude Molen Technical High School was nominated for the Metro Central Educational District. The vision is to create opportunities for all learners in challenging communities to have access to quality education. #SchoolofChoice is envisioned to be a beacon of Hope within its community and extend to the surrounding schools. Our principal Fatima Khan is shown […]