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Saving lives, 3 at a time!

Our learners embarked on a life saving venture by giving from themselves to save lives.  In a display of good citizenship and responsibility, our learners opted to donate blood and thus saving up to 3 lives. Ms Ramawoothar organised this day and it was well run with assistance of the Peer Promoters. WC Blood Service Peer Promoters who assisted the Blood Clinic today 13h00-15h00:Gr11Dp: Michay CarolusSiyamthanda MazwanaLeighanne MoyanaTinashe Munhamo Fawaaz Williams […]

Interfaith learners visit Iziko Slave Lodge

Our grade 10 interfaith learners had the opportunity to attend the Iziko Slave Lodge and learn about the history of slavery in the Cape. They also had the opportunity to engage with the Dominee of the Groote Kerk in Town as we learn about the role the church has played in moving towards reconciliation and healing based on the hurts of the past.