Chess interschool tournament

Oude Molen’s Chess Team participated in the Jamie Tindill Memorial Chess Tournament. Our team secured a commendable 4th place out of 10 schools in the rankings. The journey to the top 4 was a testament to their dedication and hard work. Despite having many other things happening during the week like the Maths Olympiad, our players faced opponents from other schools who were in higher leagues. Throughout the competition, I was treated to moments of brilliance and tactical finesse. The learner’s strategic moves and calculated decisions often left their opponents bewildered. The position obtained shows us that there is room for growth and refinement. The players said they will use all triumphs and setbacks and allow that to fuel their motivation for the upcoming fixtures for the rest of the term. I am exceptionally proud of each and every one of the players

The learners who participated in the chess tournament were:

  • Adam Reddy 12Vw
  • Matthew Smith 12Vw
  • Ethan Hansen 12Mc
  • Macdonald Manyika 12Mc
  • Sheldon Gladden 10Pt
  • Keanu Romes 10Ds

They eventually ended in fourth place overall. Well done and congratulations to our chess palyers.