Mechanical Technology

Experience the Power of Mechanical Technology at Oude Molen THS!

Get ready for an electrifying journey into the world of Mechanical Technology, where innovation and excellence collide! At Oude Molen THS, we take immense pride in offering one of the most celebrated subjects that has consistently outshined others, securing top-notch accolades in the Western Cape for an impressive decade!

What exactly is Mechanical Technology?

Imagine a realm where the mechanical universe comes alive, from roaring motors to massive mining operations, and from mighty ships setting sail to the high-speed trains conquering distances. That’s what Mechanical Technology is all about! This incredible discipline revolves around the application of scientific principles, honing practical skills, and shaping the engineering and manufacturing landscape for a brighter tomorrow.


Step into the world of endless possibilities as you dive into not just one, but THREE specialized courses offered at Oude Molen THS: Fitting & Machining, Welding & Metalwork, and Automotive. Whether you dream of crafting precision components or want to explore the heart-pounding world of automotive technology, we’ve got the perfect platform to bring your ambitions to life!


If you’re fascinated by the sheer power and ingenuity of mechanical entities, look no further! Whether it’s the mesmerising symphony of engines or the art of welding, we’ve got you covered. At Oude Molen THS, we channel your passion into a driving force that propels you towards greatness!


To unlock the true potential of Mechanical Technology, you’ll team up with the brightest minds in the field. Through captivating lessons and engaging projects, our experienced instructors will lead you on a thrilling quest of discovery and mastery.


Picture yourself at the forefront of innovation, armed with the knowledge of trigonometry, Newton’s laws, and chemical equations, all wielded to create revolutionary welding techniques, fuel injection systems, and so much more! The power to shape the future lies in your hands!


Buckle up for an adventure as we explore a multitude of captivating topics. From ensuring safety as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act to mastering the art of joining methods with welding and bolts, every step of the journey is exhilarating!

But that’s not all!

Embark on a whirlwind tour of mechanical systems, from gears, belts, and pulleys to the magical world of hydraulics and pneumatics. Harness the power of electrical wiring, uncover the secrets of engines, pumps, and turbines—these are the building blocks of your extraordinary future!

So, are you ready to unleash the true potential of Mechanical Technology? Enrol now, and let the sparks of excitement and innovation light up your path to success! Oude Molen THS welcomes you to a world where dreams become reality and where your passion for mechanics takes flight!