On Tuesday, 12 April 2016, Oude Molen Representative Council of Learners joined the rest of the world in celebrating Everyone Matters Day. As part of the Everyone matters campaign, a special message was read to all learners and staff in Grade assemblies and #IAM stickers were distributed.

Here is the message written by Sinesipho Zici and Timothy Coetzee (Grade 10), Oude Molen Councillors; Cape Town Junior City Councillors, 2016.

Today, Tuesday 12 April 2016, Oude Molen Councillors join the world in celebrating ‘Everyone Matters Day’.

‘Everyone Matters’ is a global campaign that creates awareness of human diversity. It encourages all people to acknowledge

and embrace individual differences and their own unique identity.

We are often intolerant of others, especially those different from us. We lack compassion and exhibit a casual disrespect of

others. Such attitudes breed self-doubt and isolation and may even result in physical, social, and mental health problems.

These attitudes ultimately undermine the right to human dignity and freedom.

The Everyone Matters campaign encourages everyone, especially young people who are flooded by negativity in social

media, to respect all people. Through our “#IAM” campaign, we seek to promote self-acceptance and compassion for others.

Compassionately doing no harm, everyone has the right to be who they are without any judgement or shame. It all starts with

accepting yourself as you are and others as they are.

Happy Everyone Matters Day Be the best you today!