The Auditorium

Auditorium in use
Inter-school Science competition in the Auditorium

Our Auditorium seats up to 250 people in air-conditioned ease. It has the usual computer technology such as PowerPoint, and audio-visual facilities. It offers ideal opportunities to expose learners to the expertise of visiting presenters. The entire grade can be taught here simultaneously by specialists in their field and the knowledge is then applied in smaller groups.

The School Hall

Oude Molen School Hall
Maths 24 Competition in School Hall

Our school hall offers similar teaching technology facilities like that in the auditorium, where up to 700 people can be seated lecture-style or 350 at tables (entire grade or phase groups) can be accommodated in a convenient teaching and learning situation.

The Science Laboratory

Our Science Laboratory has the latest Crocodile Clips and Trac software with 15 work stations at which learners have direct access to integrated experiential learning and application of knowledge.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are available to all teaching departments, with special emphasis on Mathematics, Physical Sciences, English, and Engineering Graphics and Design. Our Technology Centres, Afrikaans and Life Orientation also have access to interactive whiteboard technology.

Engineering Graphics CAD Lab

Engineering Graphics and Design has a dedicated computer laboratory of 18 computers at which learners are taught to use software for computer-assisted design and drawings (CAD).

The Media Centre

The Media Centre accommodates groups of 70 (i.e. two class groups) in various configurations and has modern audiovisual technology and ADSL internet café facilities consisting of 12 workstations. It also has DStv Learning Channel facilities.

The Computer Laboratory

Our Computer Laboratory has 36 computer workstations which can be accessed simultaneously and controlled from a central machine via Helios Classroom software. It has ADSL internet access for use by the learners.

The Technology Centres

Our Technology Centres have been targeted for phased recapitalisation to benefit teaching and learning. We are now equipped with new machines and outdated machines have been replaced. Structural improvements have been made and special emphasis is being laid on safety.