Food Fair & Car Show 2014

Car Show

Oude Molen had its annual Food Fair on the 17th May 2014. Onlookers spontaneously displayed their excitement as the exotic cars roared in with powerful sounds sending shockwaves down their spines. The riveting hockey matches, good food, high quality entertainment and competitions all contributed to this successful day.

The cars on display were truly pleasurable spectacles for the eyes. It was hard to control your enthusiasm as you were viewing the Mustangs, only to see Suzuki superbikes across the field, the Subarus to your left, the Dodge, Opels , Volkswagens, Toyotas, Hondas, BMWs , Nissans … wow! The sweet melodies of powerful engines revving up stirs emotions only an enthusiast can appreciate. You have to view our gallery. A picture truly says a thousand words.

The clubs represented at the Car Show were:


Thanks too to Nur Kemp from SS Concepts for being the main source of help and to the car clubs present on the day. The beautiful weather made the cars look even better.

In an interview with Jason at his sparkling Toyota Tazz , he had this to say about show cars when questioned by Blessing Katona.

What is stance all about?

Stance is basically lowering the car to the point of no return as I can call it, because basically when a car is “stanced out” its basically sitting a few centimetres off the ground and wheel inside the wheel arches.

What would you say is the best cars to ‘’stance out’’?

The best cars to stance out would be the Honda Vtec, the Vw Polos, Toyota Tazz, Opel Corsa, the list goes on, but it goes according to the owners taste. We all have different tastes about how things are or should be. There are even people who are stancing out the Toyota Quantams; so it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Why did you decide to choose a Toyota ?

I am a huge fan of Toyotas and i saw it as a good idea to stance out a Toyota Tazz but besides this I would go for a Yaris.

What would you tell the young people out there to do in terms of stancing out their cars ?

Please, please, please people if you are all looking at stance for your car invest on coilovers or air suspension. The cops are giving a hard time to the cars which are lowered too low on the road. By installing lowering kits or even worse cutting the springs is going to grab attention and get you into deep trouble. I am not saying lowering kits are bad, they not bad for everyday use but it’s not really meant for stance.

The Car Show was concluded with prizes being awarded.


Food Fair

Food stalls representing different countries sold the most mouth-watering foods. Foods from countries like Italy, India, England, Belgium and America were on sale. The curry from India, sweets, burgers, pizza, pasta and other foods from the different stalls were all sold out as visitors socialised while indulging in the delicacies.



The hall was jam packed both inside and out with people scramming to the food stalls while being entertained by the beats from our very own resident DJs. DJ Brad and DJ Dylan kept the crowd moving as they pumped beats that stirred the dancing feet into action. Our Guest DJ, DJ Kickels, then joined in and further kept the crowd moving.
Competitions were also held for the cutest baby, most glamorous lady and the best fancy dress.



Our U19 Hockey boys kicked of the sport with a nail biting match against Monument Park that was eventually drawn 2-all. Clint Lewis and Edmund Esau scored for us with well executed precision.

Article by Ashiqah Kadjo & Blessing Katona
Photos by Dustyn Mbuthia