GRADE 9 SCIENCE QUIZ 9 (run by Cape Town Science Centre)

On 18 March Timothy Coetzee (9.1) took part in the finals of the General Science quiz for Grade 9.

 Grade 9 learners of the Western Cape, from as far as Vredendal, took part in the initial round which was administered by science officials at the various schools. Only forty two of these learners achieved the required mark which enabled them to take part in the finals. Timothy represented Oude Molen.

 The final quiz consisted of three parts,  to test the knowledge, skill and wit of participants. Firstly , a test which required identifying and analysing scientific objects had to be completed,

Secondly, scientific knowledge was tested using a computer programme, and lastly ,a practical test, using the exhibits at the Centre, was done.

 It was a challenging yet fun-filled event for everyone.

 Timothy did Oude Molen proud by achieving seventh overall position. Congratulations Timothy.