Mind Matters

Contrary to the song lyric above, coming to see the counselors does NOT mean you are insane!! And it certainly does NOT mean you are mad or crazy!!
The counseling department at Oude Molen is committed to providing a space where you, the learner, are heard, acknowledged, understood and supported. This space aims to be safe, confidential and private. At Oude Molen, we believe that positive mental and emotional health is of vital importance in your holistic development and well-being, therefore we strive to focus on ALL of you, the whole person, not just the “problems” that you face.
Learners are mostly seen by appointment, on a weekly basis during the school day. Learners can be seen by Mrs Petersen (full time school counselor) or Ms Govender (intern counselor completing her practical placement training at Oude Molen this year – available on Thursdays only).
So what do the counselors do? We LISTEN! We BUILD relationships! We CHALLENGE, QUESTION and EXPLORE, so that you are able to make the best choice for YOU!