Oude Molen visits EQSTRA

That’s not a household name that springs readily to mind.
Oude Molen Academy. Pretoria Technical High. Ligbron Akademie. Augburg. Marlow. What do they have in common? The Right answer is: “Two things.

  1. Learners with the ‘can do’ attitude to make a difference in their and their families’ lives.
  2. EQSTRA.”

Note what came first: The attitude. That determines the altitude. Our learners develop their aptitude because of their attitude. And EQSTRA has identified Oude Molen and a few other schools in the country in which to invest. Proudly, Oude Molen.
On 12 and 13 May, Mr Tony Marshall (headmaster) and Ms Fatima Khan (Deputy: Academic) attended a conference at EQSTRA, Kempton Park, Gauteng. Eye-opening success stories, systems and statistics were shared. Here is a taste:

  • Success: Ms Thandi Buthelezi, now 23, from rural Kwa-Zulu Natal received an all-expenses-paid bursary from EQSTRA. She successfully completed the auto-electrician trade test (Government Certificate of Competence) through sheer hard work at the state-of-the-art EQSTRA Training Centre. She’s following that up with a Heavy Vehicle Competency Certificate and will be studying engineering at university next year. She bought her mom a house from her salary. A bright future for a bright young lady!
  • Systems: EQSTRA offers bursaries to deserving youngsters at school level and supports them to develop their aptitudes and skills not only for jobs but for careers. They have comfortable hostels for their trainees from across the country. They employ the best in the business as tutors and lecturers. They support the trainees in effective use of their salaries so that the entire family benefits.
  • Statistics: Chief Executive Mr Walter Hill, a qualified diesel mechanic, can be proud of the results of the R 1,383 billion holding company that is EQSTRA. The EQSTRA training centre has a 98,5% success rate. Mr Hill assures us that nationally youngsters with a technology, maths and science background have a 90% rate of employment – as opposed to a far lesser percentage among those who don’t.

We at Oude Molen are privileged to be recognized by EQSTRA. The possibility of EQSTRA bursaries inspires our responsible citizens who are willing to put in the effort for a rewarding career. Wouldn’t it be great if more organisations like EQSTRA did this kind of thing? Great vision, Mr Walter Hill! Great work, EQSTRA. Keep going, Proudly Oude Molen!
EQSTRA’s not a household name that springs readily to mind. But it should!

Tony Marshall