Our Dance Sport Excel

Oude Molen dance sport crew flew the school’s flag high during the recent Inter-provincial championships held in Durban. T-shaan Davids, one of our grade 12 learners, was selected as the U 13 Boys and girls coach.

Our winners included:

  • Tasneem Majiet
    • Bronze for her solo
    • Gold for her Group dance
    • Got her national all start colours
  • Nicolas Fredricks
    • Gold for his solo
    • Gold for his duo with Kamva
    • Got national all star colours
  • Kamva Benenengu
    • Gold for his duo with Nicolas


  • Ti-shaan’s U13 boys and girls also achieved;
    • silver for the group dance
    • One of her girls for her National all star colours
    • Two of her boys received silver for their duo

Well done to all! We are proud of you.