Students Go for Gold in Technical Studies

The Go for Gold organisation had their awards ceremony at the CPUT campus in Bellville last Wednesday.



Go for Gold is an award-winning education-to-employment initiative between the public and private sector, founded in 1999 through a collaboration between companies in the building environment, the Western Cape Education Department and civil society. It was created to improve the number of candidates from disadvantaged communities eligible to study towards a technical profession and secure employment.

The organisation’s four-phase model is centred on the premise that in order to create future skilled graduate professionals, a long-term investment is required where a child is developed holistically.

This includes senior level high school extra tuition in maths and science, career guidance through an internship gap year at a sponsoring company, financial support through bursaries for tertiary studies, and guaranteed employment.

The Phase Two floating trophy went to Daryn Peters, with Sizwe Mxobo and Nyameka Zunguzane named Honorary Ambassadors.

Top achievers in both mathematics and science were Sango Xhamela (Bellville Technical High, 85% and 77%) and Simbulele Lunguza (Oscar Mpetha High, 85% and 77%).

Other top achievers in both subjects were Zenande Mbukuqu (Voorbrug High, 79% and 80%); Marco Johnson (Kuils River Technical High, 77% and 71%); Anelisa Maqekeza (Manzomthombo High, 75% and 72%); Abu Bakr Salie (Oude Molen Technical High, 73% and 71%); Miceala Abrahams (Voorbrug High, 72% and 74%); Tameryn Albertyn (Parow High, 72% and 71%); Ryan-Lee Adams (Modderdam High, 71% and 76%); Ameerah Fataar (Fairmont High, 71% and 76%).

The Go for Gold top achiever in science was Trevor Ross (Oude Molen Technical High, 79%) and top achiever in mathematics is Aphiwe Mvundlela (Oude Molen Technical High, 85%).

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