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St John’s Ambulance trains Oude Molen Staff

In conjunction with St John’s Ambulance, many of the Oude Molen Staff took a three-day course to familiarise themselves with what is required of a First-Aider. The training was a great bonding experience for the staff, and will also serve the Oude Molen community, with the extra level of safety present in having so many teachers become competent First-Aiders.  

Nerds celebrated on Pi Day

Pi Day is the unofficial holiday that celebrates the mathematical constant pi (π) on March 14 in the month/day date format because the digits in this date correspond with the first three digits of π (3.14). It has become an international observance that is celebrated live and online and also celebrates Albert Einstein’s birthday. Pi Approximation Day is held on July 22 in the day/month date format because it is the […]